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Are you suffering from lash envy?

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Long, thick luscious lashes are very on trend and bigger than ever. If you have lash envy, we have 3 simple solutions that are sure to suit everyone. Serum’s, mascara’s and extensions have never looked so good! 

1) Work with what you’re given…..

Skincare pioneers Priori have jumped on the lash bandwagon, developing a serum which is clinically proven to promote and enhance the appearance of length and thickness of your lashes and reduce premature lash fall out using Triple Lipopeptide Complex in just two weeks! Ageing affects the growth and renewal processes of eyelashes resulting in thinner, less abundant lashes over time. With Priori Lash Recovery Serum each eyelash is nourished at the lash line helping to transform thin, brittle or short lashes into looking thicker and more voluptuous. Also great for eyebrows! Use once daily at bedtime and once desired results are achieved continue using lash recovery serum 3-4 nights a week to maintain the appearance and condition of lashes and brows. Rrp $130. Purchase Lash Recovery Serum and receive a free eyelash curler and clutch (while stocks last).

2) Magic Mascara! 

Sixty seconds application time and your lashes will look thicker and longer instantly! Rated as the best international fibre lash mascara it’s non toxic, moisturising, suitable for contact lense wearers, smudge resistant, and is easily removed with warm water.You simply apply the transplanting gel to clean dry lashes as you would mascara and then immediately brush the lash fibres onto your lashes to build and thicken your natural lash. Re-apply and seal with transplanting gel to set your lashes and you’re done. Take your mascara to the next level with this nifty product. Ask us for a demo next time you are in the salon. rrp. $69

3) Xtreme lash extensions!

Lash technicians to the stars Xtreme lashes are weightless, non irritating, long lasting and the most natural looking lash system available. Katrina, Cassie and Jen are our trained Xtreme technicians at elysium and pride themselves on meticulous application and long lasting results. After a thourough consultation your look is customised to suit your eye shape, lash growth and desired effect. We can create the most natural look to have people guessing or a dramatic full set with wow factor. The choice is yours! Lashes last up to 6 weeks and will fall out as you naturally loose your own lashes. Infills to keep your lashes full are recommended every 3 to 4 weeks. Full set of lashes $180 and infills are $120.

We are very excited to be launching our new Lash Loyalty Card this month. Get your 6th infill free! Conditions apply. Ask us about it next time you are in the salon or call 07 55202338 for more info.



Fabulous Fiberblast C!

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Fiberblast C is one of the latest tools in the DMK range. It was launched last year and is 20% vitamin C in it’s most bioactive form. This product is so unique because DMK has discovered how to stabilise pure vitamin C in liquid form without jeopardising it’s potency or bioavailability. This amazing technology is in a powder form which liquefies upon application to the skin making it easily absorbed, immediately providing antioxidant and collagen building benefits.

The ingredients in Fiberblast C are known to:

–          Encourage collagen production through the fibroblast cells.

–          Act as an antioxidant and free radical scavenger to protect the skin.

–          Help brighten the skin and offer some protection against UVB damage.

–          Help those who suffer from acne.

We simply love this product and with summer coming to an end it’s the perfect time to feed your skin and nourish it from the neglectful summer months .

Call us on 55202338 to book in for our Illuminate special and discover Fiberblast C for yourself. Special ends 15th April 2014