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New treatment at elysium – FSD Plus

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We are excited to introduce a new tool to our treatment menu this month! The creators of Omnilux have bought us the light heat energy machine called FSD Plus. FSD Plus is a skincare device that works by emitting gentle pulses of light and heat energy to cause micro trauma to deeper layers of the skin which instigates a healing response stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis, tightening of pores and regulating of skin tone and clarity. This process is done in a very gentle and easy to control manner and leaves you with little, to no down time or irritation to the skin. Clinical studies have shown that regular use can deliver anti-ageing results, reduce pore size and give a radiant glow. We absolutely love the results we have been getting and have found it compliments our Omnilux treatments perfectly. Take advantage of our special below and see for yourself!

We are offering buy 2, get 1 free as a great way for you to give it a try! That’s three treatments for $240 save $120. (Individual treatments are $120 each). Call 07 55202338 to make an appointment.