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Why LED therapy in the fight against ageing?

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We’ve been using Omnilux at elysium for close to a decade with amazing results and endless happy clients. LED’s are gaining a lot of press these days amongst medi spas and clinics and doctors alike for the outstanding benefits in stimulating healthy cell production and skin function for ageing, retexturing and also in the treatment of acne. But what is LED and why is Omnilux the leader in light therapy?


Omnilux is an LED light therapy machine which bathes the skin in various wavelengths of light. The Revive or red light at 633nm is like turning the ignition on in your car. It stimulates all our skins metabolic functions which has a cascade of reactions deep down in the dermis, where our new cells are being produced. It increases our collagen production, blood flow and waste elimination, meaning as our new cells come to the surface they are plumper, healthier and more tightly packed.

The Plus light also known as the white light is 830nm making it invisible to the naked eye. It is however NOT ultra violet light which means it is completely safe. This is one of our key anti ageing weapons in our Omnilux artillery. This wavelength of light penetrates deeper into the skin and lifts, firms and tightens! You really can feel the difference after one of these!

Omnilux Blue is used in the treatment of acne. With a wavelength of 415nm it oxygenates pustlues and breakout, killing the P.Acnes bacteria. This stops the acne cycle in its tracks and is one of the only safe, non invasive, painless treatments that actually work, long term! Omnilux has changed lives for people suffering with acne and that is something we are proud to be a part of at elysium.

Depending on the skin condition we are targeting we would use a different combination of the three wavelengths mentioned above. The treatment itself is 30 minutes. We cleanse and prep the skin, the light works its magic for 20 minutes and we conclude with, your appropriate serums, moisture protective, and SPF. There is no down time, you will not be red or irritated after the treatment so you can head straight back out into the world. We recommend a program of 9 lights, 2 per week over 5 weeks. Once you have completed your program your skin will continue to improve over the following 12 weeks as the new cells make their way to the surface. Your skin will peak at around 12 weeks after your program and we recommend maintenance treatments to keep your new found glow. Individual lights are $120 and a program of 9 is $900.

We would love to offer you a complimentary skin analysis and treatment program with one of our advanced skin therapists. Call us on 07 55202338 for more information.