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Bloom Package is back by popular demand…

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Spring is here and it’s time to expose a little more skin in this amazing weather we have been having. The Bloom Package is back by popular demand and has always been a favourite here at elysium…

Choose 3 treatments in any combination from the selected list for $170.












This package provides great value and is a fun way to maybe try a new service you have been thinking about.

T&C’s – All treatments must be performed in one appointment to receive special price. Valid until 30th November, 2017.





Our Team, our news and our vibe xx

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BABY NEWS – As some of you may already know our lovely Lisa (previous part owner in Elysium) has skipped out and sold shares to Jen (existing owner) to spend more time with her gorgeous family… Well HUGE news! She is expecting baby number 3 and looking forward to having spare time and undivided attention for the little one. Bub is due in late January

NEW FACE – We welcome a new face in the salon… Paige will be joining us in the coming weeks. Paige is fairly new to the Gold Coast and has moved recently from country Victoria. She is a bubbly delight and I can’t wait for you all to meet her. Paige is currently in intense training and having lots of one on one time with Jen to assure she learns all the tips and techniques that set us apart at Elysium and make us consistent throughout our services. If you see her in salon please say hi! x

SYDNEY TRIP – Our 2017 Sydney trip for the beauty expo and DMK Awards Dinner I’m sure will be another eventful one! This year it’s Jen, Cassie and Ella that set off for a weekend of gala, giggles, education and information. This years theme is Studio 54… please join us on social for updates and photos as the event nears.

NEW TREATMENTS NOW AVAILABLE – I’m excited to officially announce we have new services available, some people may already be aware so a reminder for some. You can now get more of the services you love at elysium including;

MICRODERMABRASION for efficient removal of redundant cuticle and an excellent add on to our existing treatments.

DERMAPEN FRACTIONAL SKIN NEEDLING – for ultimate skin rejuvenation, we are already achieving outstanding results in uneven skin tone and pigmentation as well as ageing.

COSTMETIC TATTOOING/MICROBLADING – for all areas of the face including (but not limited to) brows, lips, eyeliner and beauty spot.

FATHER’S DAY – Attached to this newsletter is a Father’s Day special designed for the men. It has become apparent that only 7% of our clientele is male based, yet they have the same skin we do and the same build up on their heels etc that we get (if not more). They tend to wax but not groom or condition their skin to prevent the ageing process! Why not? I don’t know about you ladies but I like my man to look good too!! Let’s take away the stigma attached and get them educated on why it’s important now not just for stress management but also age prevention, hydration and general well being! Once they are in the treatment room we see a complete change in their body language as they start to relax into it and feel really comfortable and soon after become addicted to that feeling 🙂

Hope you have enjoyed, thank you for reading! If there is anything at all I can help you with please don’t hesitate to contact me directly on info@elysiumbeauty.com.au

Kind Regards, Jen xx


The facial of the future….

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Want to know DMK’s Signature Treatment and our secret to younger looking skin?

Enzyme Therapy combines state of the art science with innovative technology resulting in one of the most advanced skin revision systems available. DMK’s skin care systems include a range of exclusive Enzyme Therapy treatments designed to work in synergy with the skin’s natural process. Enzyme Therapy is unique to DMK, and focuses on what the skin naturally responds to.

From ageing and acne, through to pigmentation and scarring DMK’s Enzyme Therapy repeatedly achieves long term professional skin resolutions. But how do the actually work?


The DMK concept is built upon the philosophy of REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT AND MAINTAIN. Enzyme Therapy is our leading treatment to kick start the Remove and Rebuild phases.

We all have it in us to have skin that is functioning well and looking healthy, but sometimes factors such as environmental elements, ageing or hormonal fluctuations can compromise the skin’s immunity, slowing circulation and lymphatic systems, causing it to weaken, age prematurely, or become inflamed.

Enzymes work to hydrolyse dead skin cells leaving your skin feeling supple and smooth

Increase circulation, oxygenation and cellular activity creating an enviable glow that your friends and family will notice.

Support lymphatic drainage – restore skin appearance with improved internal function

Encourage new collagen and elastin formulation – alleviate fine lines and wrinkles

Revise skin inflammation – calmer skin that is healthier

DMK Enzyme Therapy are not your typical topical style facial. They are for people who want complete skin revision. Whether your skin is showing the signs of age or you suffer from a specific skin condition, DMK understands that healthy skin is beautiful skin and who doesn’t want that?

I also want to mention that we encourage MEN to have this facial!! It is perfect for men, it is 100% results based without the FLUFF and DMK’s full range of prescriptives is completely unisex

I hope you enjoyed this article… inspired by Beautify Magazine by DMK