Dermapen for Skin Revision with little to no down time

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This year we are starting the year right with fresh skin and stimulated fibroblast production!

Have you heard about skin needling and even thought about it, it’s kind of the buzz treatment at the moment that everyone is talking about so I’m here to give you a little more information about it so that you can feel really comfortable with needling, as to make up your own mind whether it suits you or not.

And if you decide that this is the right treatment for you, then we happen to have it on sale at the moment! And trust me… it’s going bonkers!! 🙂

The benefits of skin needling have been recognised for many years. We use and recommend Dermapen as it’s a highly awarded and trusted brand within the industry. Dermapen uses advanced oscillating vertical needling technology with high quality disposable tips, each containing 12 micro needles to penetrate the skin to create micro channels. This stimulating fibroblasts for natural collagen production and allow topical cream’s active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin for intense rejuvenation. The vertical part here is important.. ask me why in your consultation

You can expect results to be effective immediately however these results will continue to improve over the next two months and in some cases you will be achieving your best skin up to 3 months later.
We would recommend a treatment plan based on your skin condition at consultation but as a rough guide, you could expect to have 3-6 treatments based on your concerns and I would recommend them 2-4 weeks apart.

For the results we are able to achieve, skin needling has little to no down time and in most cases you can return straight back to work the next day. You will feel a sunburnt feeling after your treatment and skin will look a little flushed which can easily be covered with makeup.

This treatment is suitable for all skin types and conditions including but not limited to; acne, scarring, stretch marks, ageing, pigmentation, rosacea, dehydration and open pores


includes face and neck with a FREE Microdermabrasion for intensive and immediate results

Expires 31st March 2018… limit 3 per customer

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