What is Cosmetic Tattooing?

Cosmetic Tattooing also known as Micropigmentation, Feather Tattooing, Embroidery, Microblading or Semi Permanent Make up. It is the implantation of pigment granules for cosmetic enhancement. Cosmetic tattooing can be used for both definition and correction of the facial features. Suitable for all skin types and women and men of all ages and backgrounds. Clients say that it gives them extra confidence and saves them time on a daily basis.

I am Jennifer Tagget, Owner and founder of Elysium Beauty in Burleigh Heads, Queensland. I have been a qualified Beauty Therapist for the past 20 years and now Cosmetic Tattooist for Elysium Beauty. In all my years as a therapist and make up technician I have gained extensive knowledge that will help me greatly with my tattoo career. Designing the perfect brow, lip or eyeline shape and colour to best compliment a face in the most natural and flattering way possible is one of the most satisfying challenges for me. I enjoy transforming the face through enhancing natural beauty.

This has been on my list for many years as the next challenge in my career and I am passionate about restoring confidence in women and men to look and feel their best. My technique is natural, I prefer a less is more approach in most cases of tattooing. Although the end result is semi permanent and will not last as long as a regular body tattoo; anytime you are implanting pigment into the skin you should understand that it is a long term commitment and much thought should be applied before you commit. I can help you with this with an informal chat or a thorough consultation to make you feel really comfortable before we commence.

On the day of your procedure we start with a very thorough consultation including consent forms and before photos. After chatting with you and your desires of what you wish to achieve from your tattoo we draw a sketch to the area to be tattooed. This is generally done in a darker colour then the tattoo colour and this can be a little daunting to see at first however necessary.

A colour is matched and applied to your hand, I will always suggest what I think is correct but my decision is not final. This is done in an open conversation and it is you that needs to wear this colour on your face so we chat to achieve the very best natural colour that suits you. I have many colours and can mix colours to achieve the perfect customised blend for you.

I then apply numbing cream and 10 minutes later we commence. Most items I use are disposable or otherwise thoroughly sterilised or autoclaved. You can be guaranteed that all my needles are single use and that my hygiene practices are of upmost importance to me. Please feel free to ask questions relating to this at any time.. It’s really important and should not be ignored.

My clinic is registered with Queensland council and we hold a “High Risk Skin Penetration License” which we have regular inspections to obtain. I also have completed an “Infection Control in the workplace” course.

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Frequently asked questions

How long does the cosmetic tattoo last?

The pigment is permanently implanted but fading occurs overtime. It generally lasts 12months to 2years before requiring a touch up.

What is Cosmetic Tattoo?

Non-allergenic pigments are blended for your specific colour preference and are implanted into the upper reticular layer of the dermis. Cosmetic tattoo is also know as micropigmentation, semi permanent make up, feather brows or embroidery.

Does Cosmetic Tattooing hurt?

Tolerance level can differ from person to person. A topical anaesthetic is applied, so very little discomfort should be experienced. Most clients describe it more as a sensation then a pain.

Where do the colours come from?

The pigments I use come from the United States and have been made with FDA approved ingredients. All pigments are of the highest quality and have been approved for cosmetic tattooing and paramedical procedures.

How long does the procedure take?

I normally allow an hour to hour and a half depending on the area being treated but most of that time is made up in consultation.

Will I need to take time off work?

Swelling may occur anywhere from 2 to 72 hours and is very individual. Most clients return straight back to work with no problem at all Cosmetic Tattooing will appear intense and dark immediately after the procedure; this will fade within 5-10 days. Colour will continue to soften over the next couple of months.

What is involved in the Aftercare?

Aftercare is simple but varies depending on the treatment area, this will be explained to you as part of the consultation stage and a aftercare sheet is provided for you to take home with you.

Will I need more then one treatment?

I always recommend to have a touch up treatment between the 4-8 week period after initial tattoo. This is included in the initial price and helps to correct any imperfections that can sometimes occur in the healing stage.